Kathy Hayes
City Council Candidate
Ward 9

Dear Neighbors,

I am Kathy Hayes; I am a grandmother, mother, and community volunteer proud to call Evanston home. I am a neighbor who would like to serve my community through City Council. Like you, I want to see our city continue to grow and prosper. Most importantly, I am a neighbor that would like the opportunity to serve my community as your City Council representative.

The growth and prosperity of our city are important to me, just as they are to you. Participation at the local level is critical to influencing policies that will improve our communication, economic vitality, community identity, resource management, and daily quality of life. Through my work, I will contribute a fresh, positive, and creative mindset to the Council and help the city move forward in a positive direction. The people around me will tell you that my passion is bringing people together, working towards a common goal, and doing the right thing.

I am interested in being a public servant and representing the 9th ward as a member of the Evanston City Council. My goal is to ensure that all residents have a voice in city matters and that the Council continues to focus on the residents’ and businesses’ needs. To retain the unique characteristics of our city, we need policies that allow rational and responsible development. Specifically, we must be aware of the social issues in our city and how to help them better.

My background, work and life experiences are rooted in public service. My goal is to ensure that current and future residents of our city have the same opportunities as those who have come before them. The city of Evanston is a beautiful place to live. Together, we will ensure that local businesses and residents continue to thrive and grow.

I would appreciate your consideration and support for my candidacy for the Evanston City Council.

Kathy Hayes

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